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Wood Stove Inserts

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Upgrade Your Heating Experience with Wood Fireplace Inserts

When comparing traditional masonry fireplaces to wood fireplace inserts, you'll find that inserts are far more energy-efficient and safe. Conventional fireplaces lose most of their heat through the chimney, while fireplace inserts keep the warmth inside the room. This significant improvement in efficiency means you'll use less firewood and enjoy a safer, cleaner heating experience.

Professional Installation Matters

At The Stove Center, our installation experts are NEHPBA & NFI Certified and knowledgeable about safety and building codes. They'll ensure your wood burning stove or fireplace insert is properly connected to your chimney, guaranteeing a safe and efficient installation. We proudly serve southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and Plymouth.

Discover Our Selection of Inserts

Visit our showroom to explore our range of wood stove inserts from top brands:

  1. Napoleon wood stove inserts
  2. Iron Strike wood stove inserts
  3. Harman wood stove inserts

Preventing Creosote Build-up

Creosote, a sticky residue that forms on chimney walls from fire condensation, can be challenging to clean. To reduce creosote build-up in your wood burning fireplace insert, follow these tips:

  1. Use only seasoned wood: Seasoned wood has been dried and cured for several months, minimizing moisture content. Burning "green" wood with high moisture levels leads to more creosote formation.
  2. Adhere to manufacturer guidelines: Proper installation, quality equipment, and appropriate chimney height and size contribute to a cleaner-burning fire, reducing creosote build-up.
  3. Maintain longer, even-burning fires: Short, high-temperature fires create more creosote. Opt for longer, consistent fires with moderate temperatures.

Choose a wood fireplace insert for a more energy-efficient and safe heating solution, and enjoy the cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the drawbacks.

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