Wood Stove Inserts

A wood stove insert, also referred to as a wood fireplace insert, is essentially a firebox encased in a steel shell that is designed to fit into an existing fireplace. Some types of wood stove inserts may sit in front of a fireplace and are sometimes called a hearth mount. An insert operates much the same as a regular fireplace requiring firewood as fuel, however with two main differences — it has dramatically improved heat efficiency and burns cleanly. So if you prefer the comfort and ambiance a wood burning fire brings and want to heat your home with firewood, a readily available and cost-effective type of fuel, consider upgrading your existing fireplace with an insert.

Differences Between a Regular Fireplace vs a Wood Fireplace Insert

Traditional masonry fireplaces are inefficient because most of the heat produced is lost out through the chimney itself, rather than being deflected into the room.  Fireplace inserts and wood burning stove inserts prevent heat from escaping up the chimney flue by keeping it inside the room.

Many people ask why they should bother installing a fireplace insert when they can simply use the fireplace as a source of heat. The answer boils down to energy-efficiency and safety.

New inserts are designed to have dramatically improved efficiency, which means it can heat your home using less firewood than a regular fireplace. New inserts also capture any harmful combustion gases and safely divert it outside. You also don’t need to worry about flying sparks, as all flames are safely contained.

The Importance of Professional Installation

The Stove Center’s team of installation experts are all NEHPBA & NFI Certified and are familiar with safety and building codes to help you quickly and safely connect a wood burning stove insert or fireplace insert to your chimney.

It’s important to have the right type of chimney liner that extends the full length of the flue. A good seal prevents any smoky air from coming back into your home. We proudly serve the southeastern Massachusetts area including Cape Cod and Plymouth.

Types of Models We Carry

Stop by our showroom and check out our selection of inserts including:

Napoleon wood stove inserts

Iron Strike wood stove inserts

Harman wood stove inserts

How to Prevent Creosote Build-up

Creosote is the sticky residue that clings to the inner walls of a chimney from condensation from a fire. As you can imagine, creosote is difficult to clean, so you want to avoid any build-up as much as possible. Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of creosote from your wood burning fireplace insert:

Use only seasoned wood. Seasoned wood has been allowed to cure and dry for a number of months. If you burn “green” or freshly chopped wood, it contains moisture which creates condensation as the fire burns, leading to more creosote.

Follow manufacturer guidelines. Proper installation, quality equipment and an adequate chimney height and size all help create a cleaner-burning fire, which reduces the amount of creosote.

Create longer, even-burning fires. Shorter burning, hot-temperature fires contribute to the creation of creosote. It’s better to have a longer burning fire with more consistent, moderate temperatures.