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Experience the Warmth and Efficiency of Pellet Stoves on Cape Cod

Pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in regions with colder winters like southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. With around 800,000 American homes now using pellet stoves for heating, this number is expected to grow. Here's why a pellet stove might be the perfect heating solution for your home in Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee, Sandwich, and beyond.

Top Reasons to Choose a Pellet Stove:

  1. Eco-friendly: Pellets are a clean-burning fuel that doesn't contribute to harmful greenhouse gases like traditional fossil fuels. Made from recycled or reused wood sources, pellets are both renewable and readily available.

  2. Economical: The Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources (DOER) states that wood pellets can cost on average between 25 to 50 percent less than fossil fuels.

  3. Price stability: Unlike the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels such as oil and gas, the price of pellets remains stable.

  4. Low maintenance: Pellet stoves require minimal maintenance – just the occasional emptying of the ashpan.

  5. Easy fuel storage: Pellets can be purchased by the bag or by the ton. The Stove Center offers free storage of wood pellets and home delivery at a reasonable fee. Contact us for more details.

How Pellet Stoves Work

Whether you're using Harman, Enviro, or Ironstrike pellet stoves, they all function similarly. For daily use, you'll need to refill your storage hopper once or twice a day, which is as simple as pouring pellets into the storage compartment.

The pellets are automatically fed from an auger into a burn pot, producing a consistent flame that burns for long periods without tending. A convection fan helps spread the warm air into your Cape Cod home, while an exhaust vent safely carries away combustion gases. An ashpan collects debris, which needs to be emptied out about once a week.

Discover Top-of-the-Line Pellet Stoves for Sale

We carry a variety of the industry's top pellet stoves, perfect for Cape Cod homes, including:

  • Harman pellet stoves
  • Enviro pellet stoves
  • Ironstrike pellet stoves
  • Regency pellet stoves
  • Napoleon pellet stoves
  • Ravelli pellet stoves

Explore our range of high-quality pellet stoves today and find the perfect heating solution for your Cape Cod home!

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