Winter Cocoon 4-Blade Fan

Winter Cocoon 4-Blade Fan
Winter Cocoon 4-Blade Fan
Winter Cocoon 4-Blade Fan

Winter Cocoon 4-Blade Fan

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Introducing the Cocoon Fan, the ultimate stove fan designed to warm your living space faster. Simply place the Cocoon Fan on top of your stove, it will distribute the heat from your stove evenly across the room.  Since hot air rises, most of the heat from your stove simply escapes directly above and gets lost. That means you aren’t feeling the full benefit of your stove. The Cocoon Fan operates at a low starting temperature (140°F), which means your living space will be toasty in no time. Soon, every part of the room will feel comfortably warm, not just around the fire. Using the Cocoon Fan is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. It uses no batteries so it can be used where there is no electricity. The heat of the stove is conducted through the base of the fan and converted into ‘free’ electricity which powers the fan motor.  While standing at just 7.7" tall, the Cocoon Fan moves up to 230 cubic feet of warm air per minute thanks to its innovative blade design. Moreover, it lowers fuel consumption by increasing the efficiency of your stove. Some stoves save up to 10% fuel. With its effective, cost-saving design, the Cocoon Fan will blow your cold spots away. 

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