Gas Log Sets

Gas Log Sets

3 products
    3 products
    Astria Bison Mountain VF
    from $1,248.00
    Napoleon FiberGlow GVFL 18/24/30
    from $1,049.00
    White Mountain Hearth Ponderosa VF
    from $1,233.00

    Benefits of Vent-Free or Ventless Gas Logs

    If you’ve chosen a ventless gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of venting your fireplace to a chimney.

    While there are benefits to both vented and vent-free gas logs, let’s look at a few benefits of using ventless gas logs:

    High heat output. Unlike vented gas logs which naturally release some heat to the exterior via chimney or vent, vent-free gas logs are highly efficient at heating rooms or entire homes as the heat is safely contained.

    Fuel-efficient. Ventless logs require slightly less fuel than their vented counterparts.

    Eco-friendly. Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that contributes little air pollution.

    Types of Gas Log Sets

    The Stove Center carries the industry’s top gas log sets by leading manufacturers such as:

    Napoleon vent free logs. Stay toasty warm with up to 40,000 BTUs of heat output with their realistic-looking ceramic fiber gas log sets.

    Astria vent free gas logs. Astria models function much like a radiant ventless heater and are low maintenance. Loose embers are included with each log set to replicate the glow of a real fire.

    White Mountain Hearth vent free logs. These highly efficient gas log sets require about half the amount of fuel as a vented gas log.

    With a system that quickly warms a room at a consistent temperature, these gas logs are an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to your gas fireplace.

    Gas Log Maintenance

    With a bit of regular cleaning, gas logs are simple to maintain. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, a gas fireplace doesn’t produce the same levels of ash or soot. However over time and with regular use, gas logs need to be cleaned to prolong their lifespan.

    Here are a few cleaning supplies you’ll need:

    Log cleaner. A specially formulated product designed to easily wipe away dirt and buildup on your gas logs typically made of ceramic, concrete or cement.

    Carbon remover. Keep your logs free of built up carbon with a special cleaner to be used on the interior of the fireplace and logs.

    Soot cleaner. All gas logs produce a bit of soot over time. A quick wipe with a quality soot cleaner keeps your gas fireplace logs looking and working their best.

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