Regency Ultimate Series


Contemporary Linear Gas Fireplace

The Regency Ultimate linear gas fireplace showcases the best in class flame and log package. Perfect for modern spaces and open concept living areas, clean burning heat is distributed throughout the home. Colder climates will benefit from the combination of intense radiant heat and extensive convective heat delivered by the built in blower. The black enamel reflective panels further accentuate the fire to create the perfect ambiance.


Maximum BTU 34,000 31,500
Turn Down BTU 23,500 25,000
Efficiency 73.31% 73.77%
EnerGuide Rating 68.28% 69.49%


Enjoy a wide landscape view of the most realistic log and glowing ember-bed. 

    Maximum BTU 43,000 42,000
    Turn Down BTU 29,000 33,500
    Efficiency 73.72% 74.67%
    EnerGuide Rating 67.46% 69.64%