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Heatilator Stoves

One of the best ways to heat your home in winter is with a pellet stove. Wood pellets are typically made of compacted sawdust and other remains from industries such as construction and lumber that have large amounts of leftover wood.

The great thing about biomass fuel is that it comes from local, renewable sources which are great for the environment by diverting waste from the landfill. More and more homeowners in Plymouth, Cape Cod and other eastern Massachusetts regions are gravitating to using pellet stoves as a heating source.  If you already own a Harman stove, get Harman pellet stove parts here at super low prices.

Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves

Mt Vernon AE Classic Black $4,239
Mt Vernon AE Sienna Bronze $4,589
Mt Vernon AE Enamel $4,839

Enamel finishes available in Porcelain Mahogany, Porcelain Dark Blue, Porcelain Frost, and Porcelain Black.

Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon AE Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Exceptionally quiet operation, a large hopper and flexible fuel options make the Mt. Vernon the best quiet pellet stove available. Exclusive Advanced Energy technology ensures high-efficiency performance; just select your fuel type and the Mt. Vernon does the rest. Standard features include:

  • 7 day programmable thermostat
  • Autoclean firepot system
  • Comfort-quiet fan system
  • 5 heat output settings
  • 80 pound hopper
  • BTU’s 16,600 – 53,300

Castile Classic Black $3,099
Castile Sienna Bronze $3,449
Castile Mahogany $3,699

Quadra-Fire Castile Cast Iron Pellet Stove

The Castile has cast iron craftsmanship with patented technology to deliver impressive performance. Standard features include:

  • Digital wall thermostat
  • Fan system
  • 3 heat output settings
  • 45 pound hopper
  • BTU’s 11,600 – 38,700

Harman Pellet Stoves

Matte Black:  $4,349
Porcelain Finish:  $4,959

Porcelain Finish options are Majolica Brown & Frost.

Showroom Model in Dark Blue now on sale $4,215

Harman XXV-TC Pellet Stove

Harman has combined the classic looks of the XXV and modern technology with the addition of the Total Comfort control system. The XXV Pellet Stove still has the dependable heat out put of its predecessor but now with the programmable feature you can program days worth of heat output. Or, just use the on/off function to keep things simple. With Harman patented TC system you can have the best of all worlds.

HAR_coupon_800x400Click here for Coupon

Black: $4,549
Majolica Brown: $5,159

Harman Absolute 63 Pellet Stove

The Harman Absolute 63 is the most powerful cast iron pellet stove in the industry. Designed to make life easier with EASY Touch Control scheduling, cleaning prompts, diagnostics and much more.

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Black: $4,079
Majolica Brown: $4,689

Harman Absolute 43 Pellet Stove

True luxury is Absolute. It’s undisputed and confident. In the Absolute43, performance and engineering excellence are infused into every design and detail. From its compact frame and powerful heat production, to its whisper-quiet operation and groundbreaking new Harman EASY Touch Control, this is true luxury.

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Black: $3,939
Majolica Model: $4,549

Harman Accentra Cast

Harman’s Accentra Cast Freestanding Pellet stove has clean lines and just enough ornate touches to fit any home or office decor. The Harman Accentra Cast can be installed using it’s optional cast floor protector, elimating the need for an additional bulky hearth board. This sturdy and elegant cast iron pellet stove will provide reliable heat to any room it is used in.


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Black: $3,269

SPECIAL: Take $100 off, and receive a free ash vacuum on new units!

Harman P43

The P43 is the smallest of the Harman P-Series Pellet stoves. Available options are decorative trim and tile, Log set and a Hopper extension.

• 43,000 BTUs — heats 800 to 2,400 square feet
• 50 lb. hopper capacity
• Automatic Ignitor
• Automatic temperature control, accurate within 1 degree

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Price: $3,999

SPECIAL: Take $100 off & receive a free ash vacuum on new unit!

Harman P61a

• 61,000 BTUs — heats 1,300 to 3,500 square feet
• 72 lb. hopper capacity
• Automatic Ignitor
• Automatic temperature control, accurate within 1 degree

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Price: $4,309

SPECIAL: Take $100 off, and receive a free ash vacuum!

Harman P68

The P68 Pellet Stove is the largest of the P-Series Harman Pellet stoves. This pellet stove is a strong heater ideal for large rooms.

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Starting Price: $4,158

Harman Allure50

The sleek contemporary lines of the Harman Allure50 are captivating. A powerful heater and hopper with 92 pound capacity are concealed behind customizable panels, making it easy to blend into or accentuate your current home decor. With EASY Touch Control you can program a whole week of operations or keep it simply by just using the on/off feature.

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Ironstrike Pellet Stoves

Montage by Ironstrike

Final Price: $1,999

Price includes the Gothic Accesory Kit.

The Ironstrike Montage™

The Montage™ pellet stove is truly designed for modern times. With four distinct trim kits, the Montage can be customized to fit nearly any decor. The Montage effectively burns pellets saving expense while delivering dependable, low-maintenance heat. This stove is the ultimate in modern comfort- beauty, efficiency and above all performance.

Winslow by Ironstrike

Starting Price: $3,659

Black Door Trim and Black Grill Trim included in price.

Ironstrike Winslow

The Winslow™ pellet stove delivers inviting and reliable heat. Convenient features, ease of use and serviceability are designed right into the stove. And with Smart Heat Technology, an ideal room temperature can be set for consistent comfort. Plus, with a large variety of design features, the Winslow can be personalized to reflect every style and taste.

Enviro Pellet Stoves


Price $4,159
Chestnut and Diamond Black Price: $4,599

Free Ash Vac with stove purchase!

Enviro M55 Cast Iron

Cast Iron pellet stove, ask about alternative finish options!

• Up to 55,000 BTU’s
• Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
• 60 lb Hopper Capacity


Black Painted Price: $3,379
Diamond Black, Antique Chestnut or Inferno Red Price: $3,879

Free Ash Vac with stove purchase!

Enviro Empress

Cast Iron pellet stove, ask about alternative finish options!

• Up to 35,000 BTU’s
• Up to 1,600 sq. ft.
• 55 lb Hopper Capacity


Price: $3,869

Free Ash Vac with stove purchase!

Enviro M55

Steel bodied pellet stove, remote thermostat compatible with large hopper capacity.

• Up to 55,000 BTU’s
• Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
• 80 lb Hopper Capacity


Starting Price: $2,999

Free Ash Vac with stove purchase!

Enviro Meridian

The Enviro Meridian showcases arched bay door a large, full-pedestal ash pan and hearth pad.  Optional Log Sets and Trim Kits are available in Pewter, Gold or Antique Copper.

  • Up to 45,000 BTU’s
  • Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • 55 lb Hopper Capacity

Eco Choice Pellet Stoves


Price: $1,849

Eco Choice 35

• 45 lb Hopper
• 35,300 BTUs
• 800 – 2,000 sq. ft. heating capacity


Price: $1,949

Eco Choice PS50

• 80 lb Hopper
• 50,000 BTUs
• 800 – 2,000 sq. ft. heating capacity


Price: $1,999

Eco Choice CAB50

• 120 lb Hopper
• 50,000 BTUs
• 800 – 2,000 sq. ft. heating capacity

Benefits of Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are gaining in popularity, especially in regions with colder winters such as southeastern Massachusetts. The Pellet Fuels Institute estimates that 800,000 American homes use pellet stoves to heat their homes; this number is expected to grow.

Here are a few reasons to consider installing a pellet stove:

Eco-friendly. Pellets are a clean-burning fuel and don’t contribute to harmful greenhouse gases like traditional fossil fuels. Pellets are made of recycled or reused wood sources which are renewable and readily available.

Economical. According to The Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources (DOER), the cost of wood pellets can cost on average between 25 to 50 percent less than fossil fuels.

Price stability. Unlike the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels such as oil and gas, the price of pellets remains stable.

Low maintenance. Pellet stoves require very little maintenance, just the occasional emptying of the ashpan.

Easy to store fuel. Pellets can be purchased by the bag, or by the ton. Did you know The Stove Center offers free storage of wood pellets and home delivery of pellets at a reasonable fee? Contact us for more details.

How Pellet Stoves Work

Whether you’re using Harman, Enviro or Ironstrike pellet stoves, they function much the same way. If you’re using your stove daily, you’ll need to refill your storage hopper once or twice a day. This is as easy as pouring in some pellets into the storage compartment.

The pellets are automatically fed from an auger into a burn pot which produces a consistent flame that can burn for long periods of time and doesn’t require tending. A convection fan helps to spread the warm air into your home while an exhaust vent safely carries away combustion gases. An ashpan collects the debris which needs to be emptied out around once a week.

You May be Eligible for a Pellet Stove Rebate

Any Massachusetts resident or business currently operating a non-EPA-certified wood stove or fireplace insert is eligible for a rebate of up to $1,750 when replacing an existing stove with an eligible model. Those who meet certain income requirements are eligible for rebates of up to $3,000.

Types of Pellet Stoves We Carry

If you’re looking for pellet stoves for sale, we carry a variety of the industry’s top lines including:

  • Harman pellet stoves
  • Enviro pellet stoves
  • Ironstrike pellet stoves
  • Regency pellet stoves
  • Napoleon pellet stoves
  • Heatilator Eco-Choice pellet stoves

If you have any questions about owning pellet stoves in MA, please feel free to contact us.