We Stock Wood Pellets

We Proudly Offer Douglas Fir Supreme Wood Pellets from Northern Warmth.
Douglas Fir premium pellets are recommended for use in all pellets stoves. These pellets help keep your stove burning cleanly and efficiently, resulting in less ash, fewer cleanups, and lower overall maintenance. Come down and we will help load you up! 

 1 Bag (40 lbs) - $11.99

 bag of douglas fir northern warmth pellets

 1 Pallet (50 bags) - $599

pallet of douglas fir northern warmth pellets

Why Northern Warmth Douglas Fir Supreme Pellets Are Superior
  1. 100% natural Douglas Fir from Oregon - No additives
  2. Supplies over 8900+ BTU's
  3. Less than 0.25% ash - Tested as low as 0.08%
  4. Extremely low moisture content
  5. Chloride free
  6. Double screened for minimal fines