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Napoleon Gas Fireplaces For Sale Cape Cod, MA

Astria Fireplace

Regency Gas Fireplaces For Sale Cape Cod, MA

Gas fireplaces are an attractive and valuable addition to your home. They offer the warmth and ambiance of conventional wood-burning fireplaces, and they’re an ideal solution for homeowners seeking a more convenient way to enjoy a fire.

Whether you’re looking for direct vent gas fireplaces or ventless options, we have a wide selection of models and styles from contemporary gas fireplaces to traditional stone masonry versions. Visit our Cape Cod, MA stove and fireplace showroom and get low prices and trained support.

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Napoleon Gas Fireplaces

Floor Model $2,999

Floor model comes with Mirror-Flame Porcelain ReflectiveRadiant Panels, Beach Fire & Shore Fire Kits, and Black Zen Decorative Front Safety Barrier.

Our Floor Model Napoleon Ascent 46 is now on sale for $500 off retail price.

Napoleon Ascent 46 DV Gas Fireplace

Offering a multitude of options with decorative fronts, trim kits, decorative brick panels and MIRRO-FLAME Reflective Radiant Panels, the Ascent 46 can be designed to your personal taste and match any home décor. An approved safety barrier comes standard on the Ascent 46.

Ascent 46 Downloads

Price: $2,359

Now Only $1,894

This pricing includes the Black, Stainless Steel or Diamond Dust Rectangular Surround with Barrier Screen.

Plazmafire 31 – WHD31

Ideal for modern and contemporary rooms, the Napoleon Plazmafire 31 Gas Fireplace features easy installation plus all of the conveniences of a gas fireplace. The Plazmafire 31 comes standard with a Topaz CRYSTALINE ember bed and a slate brick panel that adds to the modern look! You can further customize the fireplace with a Convex Surround or change up the look of the ember bed different colored glass embers.

• Up to 20,000 BTU’s
• Remote control is optional
• Available in natural gas or propane
• Glass viewing area: 30″ x 15″

Napoleon Gas Fireplace HDX40


Price includes,Painted Black Firebox Liner,  Exclusive Phazer Log set, Battery Backup control system, Flame / Head Adjustment, Proflame II Remote Control, Premium Black Safety Barrier.
For additional design options speak to our store associate.


The clean face front of the HDX40, allows a full view of the impressive 40″ wide firebox. Choose a traditional look with logs and embers,or something more contemporary with rocks or driftwood.

• Up to 40,000 BTU’s
• Remote control comes standard
• Available in natural gas or propane
• Certified for bedrooms, bathrooms, bed sitting rooms and mobile homes

Napoleon Gas Fireplace HD46

Price: $2,919


Napoleon’s Clean Face – HD46 Gas Fireplace features a clean face design that easily complements a contemporary or traditional style. The 46” firebox provides a substantial focal point for any room.

• Up to 30,000 BTU’s
• Advanced burner technology with glowing ember bed, produces the most realistic flames in the industry
• Convenient, pivoting, heat resistant glass door radiates heat back into the room
• Approved for bedrooms, bathrooms, bed sitting rooms and mobile homes

Astria Gas Fireplaces


Starting at $1,710

This pricing includes the Gemini DV Gas Fireplace 33 (Millivolt), Choice of Buff Brick Liner or Vintage Red Brick Liner & Barrier Screen.

Astria Gemini 33

The Gemini comes in four different sizes to accommodate your room size and heating needs. And, with four different interior panels to choose from your sure to design the ideal look for your home.

Astria Gas Fireplace MPD40

On sale $999

MPD 4035

The Merit Plus Series MPD gas-burning, direct-vent fireplaces offer the ideal design and high-performance features from corner to corner. The marvelous fire presentation is the result of a combination of features that give the look of a real wood fire.

Astria Gas Fireplace Montebello

 40 Starting at $5,119
45 Starting at $5,639


Imagine having the convenience of gas with the classic beauty of a real masonry-built fireplace. The Montebello gas fireplace allows you to have both. Its clean-face design is smooth and elegant, reminiscent of a classic masonry fireplace. The instant convenience of Astria gas technology gives you total control of your fireplace and its heat output. Plus, the Montebello is available in two sizes with an array of premium accessories to give you the freedom to create the fireplace that fits your style and your home.

Astria Gas Fireplace Merit Plus

Starting at: $2,565

Merit Plus Series MPB

The Merit Plus Series MPB gas-burning, B-vent fireplaces offer the ideal design and performance features from corner to corner. The marvelous fire presentation is the result of a combination of features that give the look of a real wood fire. And with an impressive array of customizable design options, you can create a fireplace that matches your every wish.

Astria Gas Fireplace MPD3530

Price: $1,199.
Floor model: $850 – With Doors !!!

Merit LMDV 4035

The Merit Plus Series LMDV gas-burning, direct-vent fireplaces offer the ideal design and high-performance features from corner to corner. The marvelous fire presentation is the result of a combination of features that give the look of a real wood fire.

Astria Gas Fireplace MLDVT

Starting at: $1,300


The Merit Series louverless direct-vent (MLDVT) gas fireplaces deliver the clean, elegant presentation of a true louverless design. Inside, the highly efficient fireplaces produce tall, dramatic flames and a warm ember glow at very low BTUs, reducing energy consumption and costs without sacrificing fire quality.

Floor Model includes the log set and the ceramic brick liner kit. This model will be sold as is, accessory options can be added.

Regency Gas Fireplaces

How to Tell If a Gas Fireplace is the Right Heating System for You

  • You don’t want to worry about chopping, gathering or storing wood and pellets.
  • You want to be able to start a fire quickly.
  • You don’t want to clean up ashes.
  • You want efficient and consistent heat.
  • You’re looking for a heating system that emits little pollution.

Highlights of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

A direct vent gas fireplace uses a type of piping system called a co-axial system which essentially requires the installation of a smaller pipe within a larger pipe to draw air effectively in to help with combustion and safely vent the exhaust fumes. Direct vent gas fireplaces are ideal for well-insulated newer homes, or for those looking to save some space. An existing chimney isn’t required to install a direct vent gas fireplace.

Highlights of Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Vent-free gas fireplaces can be installed anywhere in a home and don’t require a venting system or chimney making them a popular choice. They are highly efficient at heating your home and require very little fuel. It’s important to ensure your home is well-ventilated if you’re using a ventless gas fireplace for a long period of time and to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Gas Fireplace Features

Here are a few highlights of common gas fireplace features:

Remote control access. From the comfort of your couch, you can control the temperature, size and appearance of the flame. The ability to start or extinguish a fire is available at the flick of a switch or button.

Operates even during power outage. If you’re worried about heating your home on a cold winter’s day during a power outage, a gas powered fireplace won’t let you down.

Power venting. You can control the direction the electrical fan removes combustion, vertically, horizontally or both.

Pilot lights. There are different pilot light options to choose from. Some gas fireplaces have a continuous pilot light which means your fireplace will work even if there’s a power outage. An intermittent pilot light can be turned on or off and can still produce a fire if there’s a battery backup.

Variety of styles and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a modern gas fireplace, a traditional fireplace, or anything in between, there are many styles, sizes and models available to suit your taste. There are also optional accessories you can buy to enhance the look of your gas fireplace such as glowing coals, embers, pinecones and glass stones.

The Stove Center is pleased to carry both Napoleon gas fireplaces and Astria gas fireplaces.

Come check out our showroom in Cataumet, Massachusetts and you’ll find double-sided fireplaces that enhance two rooms at once, clean, contemporary designs and traditional styles to add a classic touch.