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With the alluring comfort and looks of a wood-burning stove combined with the convenience of starting a fire at the flick of a switch, gas stoves are a popular choice to heat your home. With the long and frigid winters typical of Massachusetts, many homeowners are drawn to the warmth and low maintenance of a gas stove.

Ironstrike Gas Stoves

Below are a few models, but there are many more if you  Click Here you will be taken to the manufacturer’s website for further options on all types.

Ironstrike gas stove Epic

Starting at: $2,824

Ironstrike Epic

The Epic combines the timeless, enchanting appeal of a wood fire with the convenience and ease of gas. With customization opportunities and a huge bay window providing a mesmerizing view of the fire, the Epic integrates seamlessly into your existing home decor. A sophisticated burn technology and a large heat exchanger efficiently produce and transfer heat. The Epic is sure to warm the body as well as the soul.

Ironstrike gas stove Serefina

Starting at: $2,451

Ironstrike Serefina

The Serefina free-standing stove features a commanding size that sets the mood of any room. Its unique design perfectly captures the tradition and grace of cast-iron stoves. And on those especially chilly winter days, the Serefina produces powerful heating that keeps your home warm and toasty.

Napoleon Gas Stoves

Below are a few models, but there are many more if you  Click Here you will be taken to the manufacturer’s website for further options on all types.  If you are looking for gas stove parts click here.

Napoleon Arlington cast iron vent free gas stove

Starting at: $1,551

GVFS20 – Arlington Vent Free

Good things come in small packages. The Arlington™ – GVFS20 vent free gas stove, although compact in size, makes a powerful statement in any room. The solid Early American cast iron design with exquisite detail and style, reflects the outstanding quality shown in each stove. The Arlington™ – GVFS20 features Napoleon’s exclusive PHAZERAMIC™ burner system.

Napoleon Bayfield gas stove

Painted Black: $2,549
Majolica Brown or Winter Frost Enameled: $2,849

GDS25 -Bayfield Direct Vent

The Napoleon Bayfield™ Gas Stove crafted in cast iron comes in three designer colors that will look great in any home or cottage.

• Up to 24,500 BTU’s
• Dimensions: 25 5/8″h x 23 1/2″w x 17 1/2″d
• Natural Gas or Propane
• Top or Rear Vent
• Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass

Napoleon Castlemore gas stove

Painted Black: $3,049
Majolica Brown, Winter Frost Enameled or Summer Moss Finish: $3,449

GDS26 – Castlemore Direct Vent

The Napoleon Castlemore™ Gas Stove (cast iron) with its sleek curves and tall, slender stature, it becomes the ultimate focal point for any room. The classic European design will never go out of style and the heating power will provide a lifetime of enjoyable comfort.

• Up to 25,000 BTU’s
• Dimensions: 35 1/2″h x 23 5/8″w x 19 3/16″d
• Natural Gas or Propane
• Top or Rear Vent
• Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass

Napoleon Havelock Gas Stove

With Black Doors: $3,238
With 24K Gold Plated or Satin Chrome Doors: $3,455

GDS50 – Havelock Direct Vent

The Napoleon Havelock™ Gas Stove offers many benefits – a built-in blower, extra large heat exchanger, easily accessible controls, solid body construction and a triple state-of-the-art burner system allowing superior heating efficiency.

• Up to 44,000 BTU’s
• Dimensions: 30 3/4″h x 28 1/4″ w x 21 5/8″d
• Natural Gas or Propane
• Top Vent
• Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass

Napoleon Knightsbridge Gas Stove

Painted Metalic Black: $2,939
Majolica Brown: $3,419

Now Taking an additional $250 OFF Metalic Black!

GDS60 -Knightsbridge Direct Vent

The Napoleon Knightsbridge™ Gas Stove has always been successful and in popular demand for its solid performance and impressive heating efficiency. With its larger viewing area and new elegant fine detailing and sleek, more sophisticated outer casting design, the Knightsbridge™ now offers much more than it’s predecessor.

• Up to 35,000 BTU’s
• Dimensions: 30 1/2″h x 27″w x 19 1/2″d
• Natural Gas or Propane
• Top or Rear Vent
• Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass

Regency Gas Stoves

Below are a few models, but there are many more if you  Click Here you will be taken to the manufacturer’s website for further options on all types.

Regency Classic C34 Gas Stove

Starting at $2,077

Price includes Black Door and Pedestal

Regency Classic C34 Gas Stove – Direct Vent

The Regency Classic Gas Stove mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove with all the convenience of gas. With the direct vent option, you can vent up and out of your home saving installation dollars.

Benefits of Gas Stoves

With so many different options to choose from to heat your home (wood, pellet, gas), it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Here are a few reasons to consider using a gas stove:

Convenience. There’s no firewood or pellets to collect or store. You won’t need to worry about the hassle of starting a fire — you can simply turn on a switch and enjoy a blazing fire in seconds.

Eco-friendly. Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that emits little pollution.

Low-maintenance. Whether you choose a ventless or direct vent gas stove, there’s very little cleanup and maintenance required. You won’t need to deal with ashes and soot produced by a wood-burning or pellet stove. All that’s needed is an occasional wipe-down of the gas logs and interior.

Consistent temperatures. Today’s gas stoves use high-efficiency heat exchangers that provide long-lasting fires at programmable temperatures.

Vent-Free vs Direct Vent Gas Stoves

What’s the difference between a vent-free gas stove and a direct vent gas stove?

Vent-free or ventless stoves: don’t require an external attachment, chimney or vent pipe which makes them a popular choice as they don’t need any special installation. They’re also highly-efficient as heat is contained within the box and doesn’t tend to escape to the exterior as is the case with some models of direct vent gas stoves.

Direct vent or vented gas stoves: as the name implies, must be correctly installed to an existing chimney or exterior venting system to properly exhaust the fumes and gases produced. Vented gas logs tend to look more realistic and provide a welcoming yellow flickering flame and warm ambience.

Types of Gas Stoves

The Stove Center carries a variety of Napoleon and Iron Strike gas stoves which come in direct vent or ventless options. Whether you seek the vintage look of a cast iron stove or a more sleek, modern look to match your décor, our gas stoves are effective in keeping your home warm on a chilly autumn or winter day.

What Does Natural Gas Smell Like?

In its natural form, natural gas is almost pure methane which is odorless and colorless making it very difficult to detect.

This is why natural gas companies add an odor to the gas making it detectable. Some people say this smell is similar to sulfur, or “rotten eggs.” The state of Massachusetts has strict regulations on the amount of odor added to natural gas; a gas leak of only 0.15 percent should be detectable.

If you haven’t done so already, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors should be installed outside of your bedroom to alert you of a gas leak. If you happen to smell an unusual odor, leave your home immediately and call your local gas company.